One Size Fits All? Not In Sales Territory Planning

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Call me a skeptic, but I’m suspicious of one-size-fits-all claims. Assuming anything can fit the needs of anyone who comes across it strikes me as rather unrealistic.

But it’s not just universal socks and sweaters that I shy away from. In business, I don’t buy the idea that sales territories can be doled out carelessly, either.

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Falon Fatemi is founder and CEO of Node, a stealth startup of ex-Googlers backed by NEA, Mark Cuban, Avalon Ventures, Canaan Partners, and more. Falon has spent the past five years as a business development executive doing strategy consulting for startups and VCs and advising a variety of companies on everything from infrastructure to drones. Previously, Falon spent six years at Google, starting at age 19. As one of the youngest employees in the company, Falon worked on sales strategy and operations focusing on global expansion,, and business development for YouTube.