How Unconscious Biases Are Undercutting Your Business

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In nature, unconscious biases helped us survive. Sometimes, members of other tribes truly were out to get us. Fair or not, distrusting them kept us out of danger.

Although most of us no longer have to worry about marauding tribes, we haven’t jettisoned our unconscious biases. Now, we bring them to work with us, where our brains use them to judge others. All girls stink at math. He’s too young to be a good leader.

Try as we might, we can’t stop seeing the world so schematically. And thanks to our uncommunicative id and ego, we’re often blissfully unaware that we’re doing so — at least until our biases harm others. Sometimes, even that’s not enough of a wake-up call. But it should be. It may not be our fault that we harbor implicit biases. But it is our fault if we let them damage our relationships and, by extension, our businesses.

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