Node: A Look Back and a Leap Forward

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Five years ago, I took a step forward to reflect on my career. I had already been one of the youngest employees at Google – where I started when I was 19 – and spent 6 years focused on go-to-market strategy, global expansion, and building strategic partnerships. After leaving Google, I spent 6 years in the startup world as a  strategy consultant  for startups and VCs and advising companies on everything from infrastructure to drones.

It was during this time in the startup world where I realized that I had a knack for connecting people, companies, and resources. After doing an analysis of the introductions I made over this 6 year period, I uncovered that over 85% of the introductions had resulted in a life-changing opportunity for individuals and businesses. This is the moment that the idea for Node was born, when I realized that I was acting as a very efficient “node” for my network and facilitating discovery of the right opportunities, at the right time. Yet, while the outcomes had included millions of dollars in investments, a number of acquisitions, and several sales and marketing partnerships, I was frustrated that the impact could be slow and ad hoc and that success relied on factors outside my control.

Almost immediately after this realization, I set out to develop my own “discovery algorithm” to help accelerate this serendipity at scale. At that point, I didn’t know what that would look like or how it would work but I wanted to take advantage the data explosion and the potential to leverage the emergence of AI. Fast forward to today and that vision is now a reality at Node: a company of ex-Google, Facebook and Microsoft PhDs, data engineers, and industry experts that believe that the winners of the future will know more about the people they do business with than their competition.

To realize this goal, Node has built a platform that delivers a roadmap to help its customers execute on their company vision to grow their businesses quickly. Node has already helped thousands of salespeople and marketers from companies like BlueJeans Network, Periscope Data, Pagerduty, optimize $4B in revenue, generate over $103M in customer revenue, and deliver return on investment in as few as eight weeks.

Moving forward, the team at Node is tackling three fundamental challenges we see emerging in the world:

  1. Information discovery: 90% of the information on the web was created in the last two years, which has the potential to drown companies and overwhelm people. We are fascinated about the challenge of better understanding links between people, companies, products, and places, and figuring out new exciting ways to surface relevant information at the right moment.
  2. People-based intelligence: Understanding people at a personal level requires a lot of data and intelligence. We see a not-so-far-off future that has radically different  relationships between people and companies – one that re-imagines what it means to ‘sell’, invest, or collaborate.
  3. Opportunity at scale: Building better connections between people has been historically perceived as a ‘soft’ area and very disconnected from delivering actual ROI. We see it differently: people-based intelligence, powered by AI, should create opportunity at scale in an exponentially more powerful way. It will proactively deliver opportunities to companies and individuals that will save time, surface previously unimagined opportunities, and create deeper and more meaningful relationships.   

Today is an exciting day as we emerge with $16.3M in total funding including the completion of our Series A led by Avalon Ventures, with participation from existing investors Mark Cuban, NEA, and Canaan Partners. We’re also excited to welcome new investment partners including Industry Ventures, CEB Ventures (acquired by Gartner), Sway Ventures, GREE Inc, and founder of Crosslink Ventures, Michael Stark. This new investment will help us scale our team, accelerate product development, and increase our investment in our technology. As part of this process we’re also making the Node platform available to businesses worldwide.

Google revolutionized web search by analyzing network structures and connections – we can’t imagine life today without Google. At Node, we believe that, while the last 10 years have been about finding the right information, the next 10 years will center on proactive and personalized discovery. Node is committed to paving the path to the future as we work towards our vision of connecting people with opportunity at massive scale.



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Falon Fatemi is founder and CEO of Node, a stealth startup of ex-Googlers backed by NEA, Mark Cuban, Avalon Ventures, Canaan Partners, and more. Falon has spent the past five years as a business development executive doing strategy consulting for startups and VCs and advising a variety of companies on everything from infrastructure to drones. Previously, Falon spent six years at Google, starting at age 19. As one of the youngest employees in the company, Falon worked on sales strategy and operations focusing on global expansion,, and business development for YouTube.