Using Sales Velocity to Accelerate Sales

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At Node, we’re laser focused on helping our customers maximize sales effectiveness. We use sales velocity – the speed at which an opportunity moves through the buying cycle – to monitor and maximize sales revenue:

Sales Velocity = (number of opportunities worked) * (ACV) * (% win rate) / (length of sales cycle)

Most salespeople place a disproportionate emphasis on the number of opportunities worked, leaving the remaining three variables underlying the sales velocity equation as an afterthought. When they do this, they sell themselves short and fail to optimize sales revenue.

At Node, we recognize that all four variables underlying the sales velocity equation are essential. We help our customers address each one at full force:

1. Number of Opportunities Worked: 

Most predictive solutions available today rely on a one-size-fits-all model and treat all customers as equals. They rely on CRM data and falsely assume it includes the right target prospects. Unlike its competitors, Node doesn’t rely on lookalike modeling. We recognize that our customers’ CRM databases include only a limited pool of potential customers. We help our customers identify next areas of opportunity, including new segments, industries, and locations that will accelerate their revenue metrics.

2. ACV:  

Many companies today are stuck in the past and only look at historic CRM data to inform sales outreach. At Node, we recognize that customers are constantly in flux. We update our data in real-time as the market changes, which allows us to provide our customers with deep insights into world of people and companies they should sell or market to over the next five years. This empowers our customers to maximize ACV and obtain a forward-looking perspective on the market.

3. Win Rate: 

A critical prerequisite to increasing win rate is ensuring maximal alignment among key decision makers. With maximal alignment sales reps are better able to secure a large a footprint in each account, which is essential given that B2B deals typically involve 5.4 decision makers. Unlike competitors, Node intelligently recommends key decision makers or relevant individuals at target accounts, including ones that do not currently live in Salesforce databases.

4. Length of Sales Cycle: 

Minimizing sales cycle length is critical to accelerating sales velocity. At Node, we use prioritization to help our customers focus on prospects with the highest buying propensities, thereby enabling them to shorten sales cycles. Our prioritization scheme (Node Priority A-D) is personalized according to each segment and each sales rep. Unlike competitors, we not only assign a priority for each account, but we also explain why something is an “A” versus a “D”.

Sales organizations are athletes competing against the clock. At Node, we work with you as a partner to maximize sales velocity and help you reach the finish line ahead of the competition.



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