On the third day of Christmas, your sales stack needs to see: Analytics and Data Visualization

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Day 3: Analytics and Data Visualization

The holidays have arrived! As you enjoy time with your family, don’t forget to plan for 2016. As our gift to you, we wanted to share a few software tools that you can use to build or enhance your sales stack next year. Today’s focus: analytics and data visualization.

One of the biggest downsides of using Salesforce.com native functionality is its complexity and poor user experience. Although Salesforce recently released their new UI framework Salesforce Lightning, it’s far from being widely adopted.

Managers need an elegant and visual way of understanding all aspects of their revenue-impacting organizations. Happily, there are some great tools already on the market.



Headquarters: Boston, MA
Leadership: Fred Shilmover, CEO; Bryan Stevenson, Co-founder and CTO; Samuel Clemens, Founder and Chief Product Officer


A SaaS service that connects with your Salesforce and allows your team to visualize data in a superior interface. InsightSquared works for organizations of all sizes. Although Salesforce has built-in reporting and an analytics framework, InsightSquared’s is more robust and easier to use. InsightSquared allows you to see data across multiple teams and stakeholders within your organization.



Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Leadership: Christian Chabot, Co-founder and CEO; Chris Stolte, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer; Pat Hanrahan, Co-founder and Chief Scientist


An enterprise-grade data visualization tool. You can analyze and query with varying amounts of complexity. Tableau is a solution used by many large companies mainly as a powerful solution for revenue-generating teams, it’s a system that works across an entire company. Tableau products can be hosted on your servers or in the cloud, and can be accessed on mobile as well.



Headquarters: Arlington, VA
Leadership: David Stillman, CEO; Steve Richard, Chief Revenue Officer; Reuben Firmin, CTO


An analytics tool that transcribes and analyzes sales calls, and automatically pulls in recordings of screen sharing meetings. ExecVision plugs into your phone services and CRM to listen and analyze. You can use these insights to coach your team more effectively and understand insights like popular keywords and competitive information.



Now we’d like to hear from you. What’s on your Sales Stack Wish List? Tell us in the comments section below.

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