On the eighth day of Christmas, your sales stack needs to see: List Building

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The holidays have arrived! As you enjoy time with your family, don’t forget to plan for 2016. As our gift to you, we wanted to share a few software tools that you can use to build or enhance your sales stack next year. Today’s focus: list building

List building is a critical part of any sales process. Today there are so many social profiles and publically available information on the web, that we see salespeople spending hours of their week copying and pasting data into spreadsheets.

These spreadsheets populate CRMs with data or plug into other tools. Over the last few years, we have seen a set of tools emerge that makes it easier to collect data from the web and build target lists.


ToutApp Prospect Builder

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Leadership: Tawheed Kader, CEO; Frank Swain, Chief Revenue Officer


Using ToutApp’s free Chrome browser, you can search for prospects directly from your browser and send them an email. This tool actually makes it fun and easy to search for leads and build lists in preparation for outbound prospecting activities. You can look up prospects by searching title, industry, company, and keywords.


Datanyze Insider

Headquarters: San Mateo, CA
Leadership: Ilya Semin, Founder & CEO; Ben Sardella, Co-founder and CRO; Jason Vargas, Director of Outbound Sales


On Day 6, we discussed how Datanyze can help your sales stack with market intelligence, but they also have a browser plugin that allows you to easily build lists and push them into Salesforce.com. The plugin adds the data to lists and then allows you to see the contacts within the Datanyze dashboard. You can unlock additional features to get deeper insights by upgrading your plans.


RingLead Capture

Headquarters: New York, NY
Leadership: Ken Greene, Director; John Kosturos, VP of Sales; Dan Ceravolo, Operations


RingLead has a platform that allows you to keep your Salesforce data clean while generating new leads that your sales and marketing teams and execute against. Capture is a tool that integrates with your browser and allows you to capture contact information from websites like Linkedin. It then integrates into your CRM and allows you to enter information without having to log in.


We’d like to hear from you. What’s on your Sales Stack Wish List? Tell us in the comments section below.


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