On the eleventh day of Christmas, your sales stack needs to see: Dialer Automation

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The holidays have arrived! As you enjoy time with your family, don’t forget to plan for 2016. As our gift to you, we wanted to share a few software tools that you can use to build or enhance your sales stack next year. Today’s focus: dialer automation.

Anyone who thinks email is the most powerful and efficient sales communication channel—think again. The phone hasn’t received much love the past few years; most innovation has been within the email and social media categories. Luckily, that has started to change recently as VoIP and phone activities can now be automatically logged into the CRM, making them ripe for analysis.

Some systems will also automate phone calls and help you connect with prospects. A few of these systems even allow display local area codes in the caller display, which can increase the rate of pick-ups.



Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Leadership: Howard Brown, Founder & CEO; Kanwar Saluja, COO; William Tyree, CMO


RingDNA helps you to make calls directly from within Salesforce and automatically log them as activities. It allows you to display local area codes which increases the likelihood of pick up. RingDNA enables you to create a library of voicemail messages, so you can leave a perfect voicemail with just one click.


SalesLoft Dialer

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Leadership: Kyle Porter, Co-founder and CEO; Rob Forman, Co-founder and COO; Sean Kester, Head of Product


SalesLoft Dialer allows you to make dials from within the SalesLoft Cadence dashboard. It auto-populates time zones for your prospects. It also offers analytics, built-in call recording, and allows you to schedule tasks.


Connect and Sell Instant Response

Headquarters: San Mateo, CA
Leadership: Chris Beall, CEO; Hitesh Shah, COO and CTO; Jonti McLaren, SVP Sales and Marketing


Connect and Sell uses outsourced teams and technology to make phone calls on behalf of your company. Once a prospect has been qualified, the prospect if passed to your sales team. This saves you a ton of time, as you don’t have to deal with wrong numbers, leaving voicemails, or talking to people that are not a good fit for your product.


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