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We have been delighted by the way that the B2B sales community has grown in prominence over the last few years. People like Max Altshuler and Sean Daly have been leading the movement via Sales Hacker Media and their associated events, blog, and social media channels.

About Sales Hacker

In only 3 years Max Altshuler, who is Sales Hacker’s Founder and CEO nearly single-handedly grew Sales Hacker from a small meet-up of friends doing interesting things in tech sales to the hottest B2B SaaS and sales-tech media companies in the world. Sales Hacker also produces Jason Lemkin’s SaaStr Annual Conference, which will be hosted in San Francisco, CA February 9-11 2016.

This year’s Sales Stack conference was completely sold out and hosted at the brand new world-class Pier 27  building. There were over 1000 attendees with more than 50 sales software vendors displaying the latest and greatest in sales technology.


The conference started bright and early on Nov. 9 with a full day of intimate workshops at General Assembly. These workshops were hands-on sessions across topics ranging from how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile (“ICP”) to outbound messaging tactics and closing deals.

The workshop instructors included sales leaders such as Daniel Barber of Tout App, Jason Vargas of Datanyze, Jake Dunlap of Skaled and even our very own Jorge Soto.

The following morning 11/10 Node and SalesLoft hosted a VIP breakfast at the Americano Restaurant at Hotel Vitale. It was a blast to get the conference kick started with this awesome group of sales leaders.


Daniel Barber, Juliana Crispo, and Sean Kester at the Node #SalesStack15 breakfast

Daniel Barber, Juliana Crispo, and Sean Kester at the Node #SalesStack15 breakfast

After breakfast we walked over to Pier 27th to get our Sales Stack learning started! The day was filled with all-star industry leaders from companies ranging from Linkedin and Marketo to venture capitalist from firms like Emergence and Redpoint.

Kristina Shen, Shep Maher, Saad Shazad, and Emmanuelle just before they took the #salesstack15 stage for a panel discussion

Kristina Shen, Shep Maher, Saad Shazad, and Emmanuelle just before they took the #salesstack15 stage for a panel discussion

#SalesStack15 Insights

Setting up your sales stack

When setting up your sales stack it’s important to first design the process and then plug in the tools that will optimize the process. Your sales stack should mirror your playbook/process, not the other way around.

Don’t just add tools just because they sound useful. Make sure they integrate into your team’s workflow and aren’t adding yet another tool that takes real time and effort to use and maintain without providing real tangible value.

Personalization is key

The amount of spam being sent out by salespeople these days is absolutely shocking. And what makes it even worse, these spammers are many times unaware of what they are doing, and that they are misusing innovative tools.

The tools we use should make our conversations more human by freeing us up from doing activities such as logging tasks, calls, emails; and of course manually creating and updating records in your CRM. If you are using your tools correctly, you will be freed to spend more time personalizing

Your outreach should be as thoughtful and personalized as possible. Use social networks to research your prospects and their companies. Ken Krogue,  founder of said that his reps see their conversation rates increase tremendously when they reach out to prospects from their own alma maters. This level of personalization is huge.

Social selling has arrived

I always chuckle when I hear the term social selling. I have always used sites like Linkedin and Twitter to prospect and never saw this behavior as a unique tactic. There are signals or events that top salespeople look for that have been historically difficult to find; signals like job changes, promotions, a prospect’s interests, for example. In the past, these events and signals were discovered via offline methods like networking events and phone calls.

These days, social media has exploded and social networks like Linkedin and Twitter contain a tremendous amount of context and data that can help a salesperson prospect and close deals quicker and more accurately.

I’ve been hearing many comments that #SalesStack15 was the best sales-related conference of 2015. I can’t wait to see what the Sales Hacker team comes up with next time. See you at SaaStr!



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  1. Sean November 17, 2015

    Best line of the event from Ralph Barsi: “No business should suffer from funnel constipation” – where a leads are stuck at the top of the funnel and don’t move down.

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