BetterWorks and Node partner for first “Built to Scale” sales event

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It’s been an exciting month for Node. On Oct 22nd, 2015, we partnered with BetterWorks to host our first sales development event at our SoMa office. The event, “Built to Scale,” was geared towards providing SDR managers with a few sales hacks for growing their SDR teams.

It was a fun-filled evening with drinks, dinner, and engaging conversation. Check out some of the key takeaways below.

The Panelists


We were fortunate enough to be joined by a few of the best sales development leaders and experts in the industry:

Jason Vargas, Managing Director, Sales Development at Datanyze
Daniel Barber, Head of Sales Development and Operations at Toutapp
Jason Dorfman, Head of Inside Sales at Rubrik
Falon Fatemi, Founder and CEO at

_DSC0883Key takeaways


  • When it comes to hiring SDRs, sales experience is not as important as other attributes like coachability and a go-getter attitude
  • Interestingly, some of our panelists have found that people with experience working in the service industry often make great salespeople
  • A rigorous hiring process should be put into place, allowing the manager to test against characteristics they seek to find in a candidate


  • Incentivize your SDRs to refer candidates
  • Ensure that SDRs are involved in growing the team
  • Oftentimes, a higher quality of candidates come via/from referrals



  • Keep in mind that processes are ever-evolving. What works now might not work as your company scales.
  • Strive to ensure that your decisions be guided by actual data; don’t just rely on what has worked for you in the past.
  • Implement software systems that helps you identify where optimization is necessary


  • Throughout the night/panel, compensation was a hot topic, and panelists revealed different philosophies
  • Some suggested compensation for outbound processing should only be based on qualified appointments set
  • Others suggested a hybrid approach, which also takes into account the number of closed deals (because it incentivizes the SDR to identify better leads), as opposed to just calling down a list


Goal Setting

  • Most sales organizations have started to use the OKR model (“Objectives and Key Results”), invented by Intel and popularized by Google
  • Most of the experts on their panel set goals for their reps beyond calls and emails, incorporating in extra elements like community service and social media activities.






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